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Unlocking Performance with SOC Remap Power Tuning

At SOC Remap, we proudly extend power tuning and chip tuning services to a broad spectrum of cars and vehicles. Our specialized software for tuning and ECU remapping is meticulously developed in-house at our technical facilities. You're invited to join us in person, meet our skilled team, and observe the evolution of power tuning and remapping in action.

Our tuning solutions are not off-the-shelf; they're exclusively tailored by our team of technical engineers. This customization ensures that our car remapping and tuning align precisely with your specific demands, preferences, and modifications.

Our Customized Tuning and Remapping Encompass:

  • Adaptation for Enhanced Injector Tuning

  • Integration of Larger Intercoolers

  • Accommodation for Significant Turbo and Supercharger Modifications and Conversions

  • Incorporation of Performance-Enhancing Air Induction and Exhaust Systems

  • And much more

All our power tuning and remapping undergoes rigorous dyno development, testing, and emission validation. Regardless of which dealer within our network you engage with, the ECU tuning and engine remapping offerings are tried, tested, and guaranteed to deliver exceptional results.

Peruse a sampling of our tuning applications in the "Your Vehicle" section, where you'll find coverage for over 5000 vehicle makes and model derivatives under our tuning and remapping services. Viezu offers:

  • Tuning for Petrol and Diesel Cars

  • ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning for a Wide Array of Vehicles

  • Inclusive of Vans and 4x4 Vehicles

  • And much more

Advantages of SOC Remap Power Tuning

  • Unleash Additional Performance and Power on Demand

  • Amplified Torque Across the Entire Rev Range

  • Heightened Throttle Response, Sharper and More Swift

  • Effortless Delivery of Power, Seamless and Refined

  • Installation is Quick, Reliable, and Effortless

  • Ability to Revert to Stock Configuration as Needed

Whether your vehicle is a compact, fuel-efficient petrol car or a high-octane performance supercar, latent power can be harnessed through a remap. We uphold a responsible approach to power remapping, ensuring that any boost in power is complemented by reliability. After all, a slight power increase is futile if it compromises your vehicle's dependability. Our steadfast commitment to quality, paired with extensive research and development, rigorous emission testing, and an unwavering attention to detail, instills confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional results consistently.

When it comes to unlocking your vehicle's performance potential, you can entrust SOC Remap to deliver a transformative experience, all while prioritizing safety and reliability.


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