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Economy Car Tuning

Independently evaluated at the Millbrook Proving Ground, SOC Remas's fuel economy tuning services stand as a testament to their effectiveness. Amidst the sea of claims made by other tuners, SOC Remap stands distinguished, relied upon by Europe's foremost fleet companies on a daily basis. We are proud to present our illustrious customer portfolio, boasting prominent names such as British Telecom, HomeServe, Thames Water, and various other well-recognized entities. In the realm of tuners, our global recognition and selection by industry giants set us apart as the most preferred and frequently chosen option.


Economy Car Tuning

Discover the array of advantages that SOC Remap's fuel economy tuning offers:

    Up to 20% Enhanced Fuel Economy: Experience substantial improvements in fuel efficiency, potentially saving you up to 20% on your fuel expenses.

    Improved MPG and Reduced Emissions: Witness enhanced miles per gallon (MPG) and potentially reduced emissions, depending on your vehicle type.

    Sharper Throttle Response: Enjoy a more responsive driving experience with enhanced throttle response.

    Smooth, Progressive Power Delivery: Feel the power of your vehicle delivered in a smoother and more gradual manner.

    Power and Torque Enhancements: Benefit from increased power and torque, elevating your vehicle's overall performance.

    Positive Insurance Impact: In many cases, our fuel economy tuning has no adverse effects on insurance,

SOC Remap's Expertise in Fuel Economy Tuning

SOC Remap's team of skilled technicians has curated an extensive selection of tuning and remapping services that focus on achieving the pinnacle of fuel economy optimization. Our specialization in fuel economy tuning is underscored by the accolades we've earned and the independent tests we've triumphed in, cementing our status as the premier supplier in this domain.

Unleash Your Vehicle's True Potential

Vehicle manufacturers are constrained in power and fuel economy due to a range of factors including market variations, fuel grades, model ranges, marketing strategies, insurance considerations, and affordability. Consequently, your vehicle might be operating below its intended design potential both in terms of power and fuel economy. SOC Remap's fuel economy tuning has the capability to unlock your vehicle's latent potential for optimal fuel economy, while simultaneously reducing emissions and CO2 output.

Streamlined Fuel Economy Tuning

SOC Remap simplifies the process of fuel economy tuning with our comprehensive research, development, testing, and proven results. We're delighted to provide you with our meticulously collected data and outcomes tailored to your specific vehicle. Our unique software and approach enable us to optimize your vehicle's fuel utilization, delivering the utmost in fuel efficiency. On average, you can anticipate fuel economy gains ranging from 10-15%, contingent on factors such as usage, load, and driving style. Despite these gains, your vehicle's power, throttle response, and driveability are also set to benefit.

In essence, SOC Remap's fuel economy tuning encompasses a gamut of advantages, culminating in greater fuel efficiency, heightened performance, and an overall improved driving experience

We are confident that our engine remaps that they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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